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Police believe that critically ill patients admitted to hospital after the "listening to Music Festival" took MDMA. 

At least four people were hospitalized for drug abuse after tickets sold out for a concert at Mt Smart Stadium on Friday night. Three of them are in critical condition. 

Oakland City Operations Planning Manager Inspector Siaosi Fanamanu said users thought they were taking ecstasy, a chemical stimulant and an active ingredient in ecstasy. He told Stuff magazine that the police had spoken to some of them and admitted that they "did not know what was in the drugs they were taking."

People often feel energetic, emotionally stressed, confident, happy, open, close to others, lack of water, grinding teeth, feeling hot and anorexic. 

However, the New Zealand Drug Foundation points out that excessive levels of MDMA can lead to confusion, anxiety, vomiting and hallucinations. 

Although MDMA is generally not fatal, users may overdose because of serotonin syndrome, depriving the body of its ability to regulate body temperature. 

In an interview with Stuff magazine, Fanamanu said eavesdropping was a "major event" and that, in general, the police were satisfied with the behavior of the listeners. 

Fanamanu said the police have provided "preventive advice" to those hospitalized on the use of illegal drugs. 

"users of any illegal drug have inherent risks, especially because there is no way to really know what they are taking," he said. " 

Tests during last year's holiday season found that MDMA levels were higher than ever before. 

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Today, more than 70% of Native Americans live in urban areas. As Native Americans shape the city's cultural and political systems and collectively recover its heritage and urban space, New York has a thriving native culture.Emphasizing the mix of contemporary art, performing arts and community souvenirs, "Urban Indians: Native New York" now examines the common meaning of being a native living in New York today. Because individuals reflect on tribal relationships, community well-being, personal growth and cross-experience. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of (AICH), the American Indian Community Home, AICH is a non-profit community organization designed to improve and promote the welfare of Indians living in New York. Urban Indians and related programs were launched in partnership with AICH and AMERINDA, an Indian pluralistic arts organization in New York. 

The whole family makes music together. Enjoy live performances, build your own musical instruments, sing and dance with professional musicians in Resnick Education Wing. Family Day lasts from 12:00 in the evening to 4 p.m. Admission is free on a first-come-first-served basis. Between the ages of 3 and 10. 

Go to the historic Governor's Island free hands-on art production workshop and art viewing experience! From 11:00 to 5pm on weekends, the open outdoor space at the Art Freedom Island outpost attracts families and motivates them to explore large-scale projects that take advantage of off-the-shelf items and traditional media. This is a space of creation, adaptation and transformation related to the process of art and artistic production. 

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Starting on 12 September, the San Genaro feast celebrated this year's 93rd anniversary, with a variety of activities and events held during the 11-day celebration. The banquet was held in the center of Little Italy, along Mulberry Street, between Kennedy Street (south) and Houston Street (north). The annual festival, organized by the children of Figli di San Gennaro (San Gennaro, is a non-profit community organization dedicated to maintaining the spirit and beliefs of early Italian immigrants. The banquet will begin at 6: 00 p.m. on September 12 with the blessing of the stands. At this event, a parish priest parades through the festival to bless all shops, restaurants, suppliers, and businessmen to symbolize a happy and successful banquet. 

One of the world's largest modular stadium tents occupied the main venue of the Mt Smart Stadium before tonight's concert sold out. 

The tent at the stadium has been installed for more than three days, covering most of the venues of the famous venue, 100 meters long and nearly 70 meters wide. 

The unique stadium tent will hold 20, 000 people to take part in the dance event. Artists produced by Fuzzy Operations include Flume, Diplo, ScHoolboy Q, 6LACK and Slowthai. 

Adel Robinson, event manager at Fuzzy Operations, explained: "this year's Listen competition in Auckland sold faster than anyone expected, even faster than the Australian station. 

"We can't wait to see the huge stadium tents work. We are very grateful to the Mt Smart team for contributing to something that has never been done before. " 

Chris Brooks, chief executive of Auckland, a regional facility, said the tents at the stadium demonstrated the versatility of the association's Mt smart stadium.

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