Humanistic care


Gaoshan is a young and energetic team. The company firmly believes that the combination of work and life can stimulate the high quality, high efficiency and high return of employees. Therefore, the company will mobilize everyone's enthusiasm with different activities.

The company organizes several group building activities every year. The staff travels not only at public expense, but also can play with family members, enjoy the beauty, relax, and eat, live, and travel by the company.

The company also presents birthday gifts and holiday blessings to each employee. With the corporate philosophy of “Deshan, System, Profit, and Sharing”, the company will let everyone feel the warmth of the big family and make the company and employees become a close-knit community of interests.

In the development of the company, everyone works together and advances and retreats. The company gives them heartfelt help, and they give back the gratitude from the heart.

In addition, the company's management set up a growth fund based on the principle of “He sent me fresh peaches, I return him a exquisite jade”, not only allowing each employee to experience the temperature of charity, but also give back to the society in a silent way.

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