Other advantages of Gaoshan's products


What are the other advantages of Gaoshan's products? Let's continue reading...

Curved tent / Arcum tent

Traditional A-shape tents are prone to aesthetic fatigue because of their extensive use. Gaoshan curved tent is improved from the A-shaped tent, and its appearance is more like a membrane structure building, supplemented by a floating eaves stand and a new rain ride, which creates an elegant feeling, suitable for sports games and golf courses.

arcum tent

Flat roof tent

Gaoshan flat roof tent adopts an 8 ° elevation angle, and uses an advanced tensioning system to replace the double-layer blowing design, which not only achieves the purpose of safe use, but also meets customer requirements. The roof are made to parallel draperies with new materials, with the fence at four sides, it looks like a flat-roof tent, giving a visual change. 

Product advantage

New floor

Most of the traditional tent floors have a low fire-resistant level and fail to meet the fire protection requirements. In addition, they are cumbersome to build and are lack of uniform standards. The new environmental friendly material platform introduced by Gaoshan tent can achieve the effects of fire-resistant, waterproof and moisture resistance, and is's more firm, light, beautiful and strong in carrying capacity. It can be used as stage by heightening. The advanced standards are loved and recognized by customers after launched.

flat roof tent

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