What is Air Dome?Series of articles—— Four


Hello everyone, in the last three weeks we have learned the basic composition, size, the cost of air dome, and Contingency measures. This week we will lead you to understand the Lighting issues, acceptable outdoor ambient temperature, fire rating, and the air dome advantages for storage.


Storage air dome

Q1: How is the inside of the air dome illuminated?

A1: The air dome Top roof cover can be equipped with a lighting belt. The light transmittance of the ordinary film material is 5%, and the light transmittance of the high light transmission film material can reach 45 to 60%.

Or a reflective (no glare) illumination system that utilizes the reflective properties of the inner liner membrane to provide uniform, Conducive to ball sports, especially tennis, badminton, table tennis and so on.


Q2: What is the temperature range that the membrane material can withstand?

A2: The membrane material can handle low temperature of minus 40 degrees and high temperature of minus 60 degrees.


Q3: How much is the fire rating of the membrane

A3: The membrane material meets the B1 fire protection requirements and meets the national fire protection standards.


high cleanliness


Q4: Whether large trucks can enter the air dome?

A4: The air dome is equipped with a garage porch, which adopts the two sets of doors to open and close, ensuring stable air pressure and vehicle access, meeting the needs of frequent entry and exit of large vehicles.


Q5: What are the advantages of air dome as storage?

A5: A. The construction time is fast.

B. Large internal space and high utilization rate.

C, high cleanliness.

D. For the cold storage, our energy saving has the advantage that traditional architecture can't match.

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