What is Air Dome?Series of articles—— Three


Hello everyone, in the last two weeks we have learned the basic composition, size and cost of air dome. This week we will lead you to understand the internal situation of the air dome.


High Speed maintenance

Q1: How to deal with the problem of the Air dome?

A1: If the membrane is damaged, the air pressure will decrease inside, the control system will alarm, and the management people will evacuate the personnel in the air dome and repair the damaged place.

Generally, it takes 3-5 hours for the air dome to fall to the ground, and the air dome can be repaired normally within 30mins-60mins, So air dome will not collapse. Troubleshooting the machine and repairing it needs 4 hours, Eliminate major faults and repair time not less than 12 hours.


Q2: How to ensure adequate oxygen inside the air dome?

A2: The fresh air system changes air per hour by 6-16 times, ensuring the absolute freshness of the air in the venue (the number of air changes in ordinary indoor sports venues is 2-4 times/hour). We can increase the number of ventilation according to customer requirements.


Q3: What should I do if there is a power outage?

A3: The air dome is usually equipped with two power systems, power system and diesel system. Once the power is cutted off, the other system automatically switches to maintain normal operation.


fresh air

Q4: How is the air dome resistance to wind and snow ?

A4: The internal air pressure of the air dome can be adjusted according to the external sensor to induction wind and snow conditions. At the same time, because the semi-circular structure design is more resistant to wind pressure, it can easily resist a 12-level wind and load a 1m thickness of snow.


Q5: What shape can the air dome be?

A5: Since the air dome supports the membrane building by the difference of internal and external air pressure, It can be made into various shapes. The most common shape is rectangul, oval or round.

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