Dodecagonal tent

  • Dodecagonal Tent

    Dodecagonal Tent

    The dodecagonal tent is a kind of multi side tent, the multi side tent also have hexagon, ocagon, decagon and so on. Gaoshan tent has 17 years experience in design, produce, sale and rent kinds of multi side tent, could supplier much customized service, glass door wall, ABS hard wall and transparent window tarpaulin can be used around. Curtains and top curtains can be used inside with various colors. Advantages: 1. Temporary building, flexible movement: Dodecagonal tent can be built on all kinds of ground, cement, grassland, desert etc. 2. Stable: Multi Side Tent has a high wind load and snow load, it's a heavy-duty and stable structure. 3. Beautiful: The integrated pvc fabric can be customized to print various pictures and texts to increase the use effect of the spherical tent.

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