air dome

  • Gaint Inflatable For Sport Air Dome Fabric

    Gaint Inflatable For Sport Air Dome Fabric

    Advantage: 1) Economical, fast, low cost and useful: Compared with traditional architecture, aire dome architecture is more economical, faster in construction time and more widely used. 2) Large space: There are no beams or columns inside the gas film, so the space can be maximized. 3) Has a highly integrated intelligent control system: Air dome is a smart building, inside the temperature, pressure, light are controlled by intelligent systems.

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  • Production Plant Air Dome

    Production Plant Air Dome

    Advantage: 1. Large span and high utilization rate: Aire dome has a large span from 20m to 110m, there are no columns or beams inside, the utilization rate is hign. 2. Short time for building: The construction cycle is short, simple maintenance and operation. 3. Energy conservation and environmental protection: Environmental protection and energy saving, controllable air quality.

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    Air Supported Structures Playgrounds Dome Fabric

    Air Supported Structures Playgrounds Dome Fabric

    Advantage: 1. Advanced fresh air system: Fresh air system can be installed inside to prevent haze effectively. 2. Well sealed and big enought: Air dome can be applied to environmental protection projects. 3. Has a highly integrated intelligent control system: Temperature, pressure and lighting can be controlled by the control system.

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  • Industrial Plants Air Dome

    Industrial Plants Air Dome

    Air dome is a new building with the development of new materials and technologies.Now widely used in industry, coal mine environmental protection, industrial workshop. 1.Fast to build: The air dome has short installation time, simple operation, no construction waste and no damage to the environment. 2.High space utilization: The air dome is supported by air inside, without any support inside, to increase the utilization rate. 3.Lower price: High economy, with the increase of area, the price of unit area will decrease

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  • Storage Activities Air Dome

    Storage Activities Air Dome

    Advantage: 1)Intelligent control system: Intelligent control system can integrate fresh air, refrigeration, heating, generator set, environmental monitoring, fault monitoring and other systems into one, perform intelligent control and fully automatic adjustment, greatly reducing labor costs 2) Wind and snow protection, fire and shock resistance: The membrane material of the air Dome has certain fire resistance, which effectively reduces the hidden fire hazard. The air Dome buildings are mostly fixed with steel cables. The internal air pressure can be adjusted according to the external wind and snow conditions. It can easily withstand 12 strong winds and 50cm thick snow.

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  • Multi Purpose Sports Grounds Inflatable Air Dome

    Multi Purpose Sports Grounds Inflatable Air Dome

    Advantage: 1)Low investment and low energy consumption: Compared with traditional stadiums, the cost of Air Dome stadiums should be reduced by more than 30%. The energy consumption of cooling (heating) is only 10%-25% of traditional buildings, and the overall energy saving is more than 75%. 2)live time long, easy to maintain: Air Dome membrane is a multi-layer composite material, the surface has undergone multiple treatments, and the tensile strength is 7000N, The service life can reach 20 years. The main material of the Air Dome is a high temperature hot melt connection, there is no risk of corrosion of the metal structure, even if damage occurs, it can be quickly repaired, and the daily maintenance cost is low. 3)Big Span Width, Wide Space: The maximum span of the air Dome can reach 150 meters, the length is not limited, and there are no beams or columns inside, so the space utilization rate can be significantly improved, the flexible space design can be carried out, and the size can be customized.

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  • Logistics and Warehousing air dome

    Logistics and Warehousing air dome

    Advantage: 1) Temporary Structure,Quick construction, Simple approval: Within three days, we will complete the construction of the entire Air membrane, provided that you need to make the foundation first, and the foundation time is about 20 days. 2) Effective anti-fog, high oxygen content: Our air Dome can effectively avoid these problems, because the air Dome has a closed/Airtight and positive pressure environment, which can effectively filter PM 2.5, and the new fan air conditioning system, the indoor air has a higher oxygen content than outdoor, which effectively improves the effect of physical exercise. 3) Suitable indoor temperature and good thermal insulation: There is a layer of thermal insulation cotton between the inner and outer membranes of the Air Dome, which has the effect of heat insulation. The temperature in summer is as high as 35 degrees or more, the temperature in the air Dome is still 20 degrees, the outdoor temperature in winter is minus 30 degrees, and the temperature in the air Dome is still 20 degrees.

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