beer festivel marquee tent

  • Marquee Tent For Beer Festivel

    Marquee Tent For Beer Festivel

    Advantage: 1)No need for traditional foundation and approval: The marquee tent is a removable building, which no needs the cumbersome approval of the traditional steel structure and the enclosed workshop with reinforced concrete structure. In some areas, the approval is also simple. 2)Make full use of the space: Aluminum alloy construction without inner rod structure design, no column and no beam,Large forklifts are also freely accessible, 100% space utilization 3)Beer Festivel best choice: Beer Festivel is a large outdoor event,In addition, the Oktoberfest has a strong timeliness, holding large-scale outdoor activities in a short time, the tent is the best choice.

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  • Beer Festivel Marquee Tent

    Beer Festivel Marquee Tent

    Advantage: 1) Flexible tent disassembly, easy to assemble: in line with the timeliness of Beer Festivel Marquee tent. 2) There is a huge space: Oktoberfest tents meet the grand festival celebrations, can fully meet the requirements of the venue, and can accommodate hundreds of people. 3) Meet customer customization requirements: Beer Festivel Marquee tents can be customized, and the Oktoberfest logo can be printed on the tent's canopy, which can attract more people to visit and is very beautiful.

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