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  • Huge marquee tent for art exhibition

    Huge marquee tent for art exhibition

    The exhibition industry is a booming industry affected by economies of scale, but now the fixed exhibition hall can not meet the needs of many exhibitors. To solve this problem, exhibition tent is the best choice. For this purpose, the major contractors and exhibitors are ready show their style with the perfect tent. Now let's take a look at how can Gaoshan Tent give you a different exhibition. The most interesting thing is that, you can change the same tent into different sizes because the mudular design and rafter design. Take a 21m x 40m tent as example, you can change it into a 15m x 30m tent. Besides, if you need different fuction zones in another tent, pagoda tent is also a clever choice.

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  • Large Industrial Warehouse Marquee Tent

    Large Industrial Warehouse Marquee Tent

    Marquee tent has a wide span width from 3m to 70m. The bay distance is 3m to 5m. There is no limit for the length. The marquee tent is the most widely used tent series for each area. And the glass walls, doors, ABS walls, air condition, floor and lighting are available. FEATURE: 1) The biggest advantage of warehouse tent is its fast construction 2) All frames are manufactured as gable frames for simplified installation 3) The aluminum alloy frame with hot dip galvanization is more anti-corrosion 4) No interior poles structure design: to give 100% use of interior space

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