4 Differences You Should Know Between Marquee Tent and Outdoor Tent

2021-05-15 10:06

In outdoor activities, marquee tents and tents are often used. In fact, there are many differences between marquee tents and tents. Now, we will teach you how to distinguish them from each other.

1. Different uses.

Marquee tent is a kind of movable temporary outdoor building. Due to its flexible installation and removal, light storage and transportation, the marquee tent is called "mobile real estate". It is widely used in industrial storage, logistics distribution, exhibitions, sports events, outdoor weddings, celebrations, military and disaster relief and other temporary activities.

Outdoor tent is relatively limited, generally used for shading, temporary residence, camping, simple stalls, etc., with short life and small specifications.

Marquee Tent

2. Different materials and structures

The main structure of the marquee tent is composed of frame and tarpaulin. The Gaoshan Marquee tent is made of 6061/T6 aluminum alloy profile, which is beautiful, antirust, stable and durable, and has long service life; The tarpaulin is made of synthetic fiber cloth coated with PVC by double-sided knife scraping. The tarpaulin has the properties of fire resistance, flame retardancy, tensile resistance, tear resistance, rain resistance, sun protection and self-cleaning. Moreover, it can expand its activity space flexibly and has strong extensibility. The size of the outdoor tent is fixed, it does not have such a function.

Outdoor tent is supported on the ground to shelter from wind and rain, sunlight and temporary residence. It is mostly made of canvas and can be removed with the support anytime and anywhere. Tents are carried in the form of parts and assembled on site, so many parts and tools are needed.

 Outdoor Tent

3. Different supporting facilities

The interior of the marquee tent can be equipped with many supporting facilities, such as ceiling cloth curtain, ABS hardware wall, glass wall, glass door, air conditioning, wood floor, carpet, stage lighting and sound facilities. Gaoshan tent company can also customize different sizes of tents according to the actual needs of customers, with high flexibility and cost saving compared with ordinary solid-state buildings.

The outdoor tent is relatively simple, mainly a shelter space, low cost, single use.

Gaoshan tent

4. Different areas

The tent area is fixed, each specification has a fixed size, no more than 50 square meters, more suitable for travel and outdoor camping, easy to carry; The marquee tent belongs to the unit combined structure, the span can be from 3 to 50 meters, the length is 3m or 5m times, and it can be extended at will. A variety of specific shapes can meet the needs of different customers. And its fixed way is different from the tent, it can be applied to the ground conditions, such as sand, cement, lawn and can not be damaged grouMarquee Tent

According to the above summary, the marquee tent has the characteristics of large area, durable, high safety and wide use, which is suitable for a variety of outdoor weddings, celebrations, exhibitions, industrial storage and other activities. If you have the demand of the tent, the alpine tent can serve you at any time.

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