Advantages of air-dome gymnasiums


Advantages of air-dome gymnasiums: 


1.  Larger span and light building space - due to the extremely light weight of the air dome, the self-weight per square meter is less than 3 kg.  The use of air pressure to support does not require internal beams and columns, which cannot be achieved by traditional building structures.  In addition, due to the special structural principle of the membrane structure building, under the action of wind load, the main force is the upward force.  Therefore, even if the roof is added, it will not increase the load-bearing of the original building.  At the same time, the construction scope of the stadium is expanded, and the original construction area is more effectively utilized.


2. The construction cost is lower - the air dome is cheap. The price of double-layer membrane is about 30% lower than that of traditional lightweight building composite insulation board, and only about 30% higher than that of single-layer membrane.

Since the weight of the air-dome building roof is only 1/30 of that of the conventional steel roof, it reduces the cost of the wall and foundation at the same time.

air-dome gymnasium

3, the material is more energy saving and environmental protection - PVDF coating, with 100% UV protection function, and high thermal reflectance and heat dissipation rate. In summer, it does not absorb heat as much as a traditional building. On the other hand, because of the effect of hollow insulation materials between the inner and outer dome, it can effectively prevent the exchange of cold air (or heating) in the air dome building with the outside world heat. As a result, the electricity consumption of cooling or heating equipment is greatly reduced.

air-dome field4. The construction process is more environmentally friendly - there is no construction waste output during the production and construction process. There is no noise and no environmental pollution on site. The air dome structure can achieve great building space with very little resource consumption. This is an aspect that is beyond the reach of buildings with steel and concrete as the main body.


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