pool dome cover inflatable

2022-08-16 16:28

Inflatable buildings have become more and more popular all over the world in recent years. They are made of special architectural membranes and equipped with a set of intelligent electromechanical equipment to provide positive air pressure inside the inflatable membrane buildings and support the main body of the building . Building structural systems. Compared with traditional steel-concrete structure buildings, it has the advantages of low cost, short construction period, dismantling and moving. So how much does it cost to build an inflatable swimming pool per square meter?

The cost of an inflatable swimming pool per square meter involves many aspects, and there are many influencing factors, such as air-membrane building supporting equipment, membrane materials, steel cables, dehumidification systems, etc., but the overall cost of the inflatable swimming pool does not include swimming pool construction and ground treatment. Today I will introduce it to you in detail.

First, understand the size of the inflatable swimming pool. The air film building is different from the traditional building. The larger the area, the more cost-effective the overall cost of the air film building, and the lower the cost per square meter.

Second, the choice of membrane material. Membrane material accounts for the vast majority of the cost of inflatable swimming pools. Choosing a suitable membrane material not only has a long service life but also has low maintenance costs. However, the price of membrane materials is also differentiated, including imported and domestic products, as well as high, medium and low grades. Commonly used membrane materials include PVDF, TIO2, PVF, etc., and the prices of different membrane materials vary greatly.

3. Equipped with systems and functions. Due to the somewhat comfortable indoor environment, dehumidification, air-conditioning equipment, indoor environment, nursing system, new anti-child system, etc., it may be relatively expensive, and its cost performance may be relatively high and the subsequent return of impurities removal, the system supporting includes entry system, Air conditioning, fresh air system, intelligent control system, wet system, etc. All in all, the buildings are all cost-effective, short-term in scope, short-term maintenance costs, but require a lot of costs, but also need to pay.

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