Aluminum tents change the traditional storage model


During the peak season of logistics and warehousing, many companies choose to lease traditional warehouses to solve the problem of urgently needed space storage. Not only is time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly, but the space is not necessarily reasonable and fast in terms of area and operation. The unpractical space will also have a certain impact in the later work. . Since the emergence of aluminum alloy tents, most manufacturers have changed the use of space and tended to be temporary buildings. So what are the advantages of such a space?

Aluminum tents change the traditional storage modelThe important thing for the space required in the peak season is to provide enough area in time. This is easy for aluminum alloy tents. The space provides 3-70 meters span, unlimited length, and height can be customized according to needs, without foundation, saving time and effort. Combined with the modular operation method, 10,000 square meters can be completed within a week, and it can be used directly after it is built, which relieves the pressure of enterprise explosion.

Aluminum tents change the traditional storage modelWith the diversified development of enterprises, different enterprises have different requirements for storage and storage of different items and sizes, and their needs are becoming more and more diversified. Traditional warehouse buildings cannot meet the needs of individual customization, making many manufacturing companies unable to meet the requirements.Aluminum tents change the traditional storage modelThe emergence of aluminum alloy tents solves the problem of the immutability of the traditional warehouse building area. It can be flexibly disassembled and built to meet the needs of different companies to meet the storage needs of different companies. The approval procedures are also simpler than those of traditional warehouse buildings, and there is no need for approval by relevant departments, which saves the approval process and time, and greatly improves the use efficiency of warehouse placement.

Aluminum tents change the traditional storage model

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