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Improve the ecological environment, air dome coal shed with facts to speak

2023-03-14 15:00

Improve the ecological environment, gas film coal shed with facts to speak

At present, in order to promote the innovation of green technology, promote industrial upgrading and green transformation of industries, the state has continuously helped small and medium-sized enterprises to develop environmental protection industries, strive to promote the green transformation of production and life styles, and promote the rational allocation and utilization efficiency of energy and resources. The improvement and development of the fully enclosed green intelligent gas-filled membrane coal storage shed not only conforms to the green development direction advocated by the state, but also continuously improves the ecological environment, and answers the social concerns about the development of new buildings with practical actions.

air dome coal

Compared with the traditional coal shed, the cost of the traditional coal storage warehouse is too high. The gas film coal shed has been rapidly promoted in the field of coal storage and transportation, and the problem of environmental pollution is also immediate. So what are the advantages of using gas film coal shed? Next small series simple to share with you, I hope to help you.

air dome building

In the gas film coal shed surface to diagonal orthogonal mesh cable, so that the membrane structure has a greater longitudinal and transverse stiffness, can resist hurricane and snow. The experiment proved that if the inlet and outlet of the air film were all open, it would take 10 hours for the gas film structure to collapse from the normal operation to the height of 2 meters above the ground, which ensured the safety of the gas film. In case of local damage during normal operation, the indoor intelligent automatic control system will automatically increase the air supply volume to ensure the safety of the main building structure.

air dome structure

Aerated membrane coal shed uses high-tech membrane materials, with high strength, anti aging advantages. It can operate safely for decades in severe cold and hot weather. It is stable in acid, alkali and other chemical environment and ultraviolet irradiation.

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