New choice for tourist attractions-dome hotel tent


Now, if you want to experience outdoor life and get closer to the natural scenery, small outdoor tents can no longer meet people's needs. Fully equipped and more comfortable tent hotels have gradually become a new choice for scenic spots.

dome tent

The tent, due to its relatively small weight. So it is not very difficult to build. Usually, only a piece of open space is needed to build. Of course, even in the jungles and mountains, through special treatment, the tents can be built steadily.

hotel dome

Moreover, compared with traditional scenic hotels, the key is that the tent hotel will not produce noise, decoration waste, dust and other pollution during the construction process, and will not cause irreversible damage to the ecology of your scenic area.

hotel tent

Whether it is lakeside, grassland, or mountain, as long as the conditions are suitable, it can be used as a construction site for tent hotels. Our alpine tents are beautiful and fashionable, with spherical, pointed, flat, curved and other styles. The color of the tarpaulin is not limited to white, and a variety of colors can be customized to better meet your scenic needs.

dome tent

The construction time of a hotel tent is very short, and it can be completed in one afternoon with skilled workers. When you don't want to build here or need to be transferred in other circumstances, you can also disassemble and rebuild in a short time. Compared with the long construction period of brick-concrete buildings,t is more flexible and adapts to the later expansion and transformation of scenic spots.

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