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Tianjin Jingwu Martial Arts School Sports Facility Upgraded with GAOSHAN AIRDOME Technology

2024-03-26 11:59

Tianjin’s renowned Jingwu Martial Arts School has taken a leap forward in sports facility innovation by installing a new GAOSHAN AIRDOME. The air-supported structure provides a cost-effective solution to traditional building methods without sacrificing quality, proving that state-of-the-art facilities are within reach for educational institutions.

The clear, spacious interior of the dome is free from obstructions, offering a safe and flexible space for martial arts training. The air dome's swift assembly process and the affordability of the inflatable sports dome cost demonstrate GAOSHAN's commitment to practical, elegant design.

In collaboration with GAOSHAN AIRDOME, the school now boasts an air structure building that is both an athletic training ground and a visual landmark. The sports air dome stands resilient against weather, ensuring uninterrupted training sessions all year round.

GAOSHAN AIRDOME's project at Tianjin Jingwu Martial Arts School has set a precedent for cost-efficient, durable sports domes in educational environments. Visit to explore how these air-supported membrane structures can make a difference for your sports facility needs.

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