Build Air dome on roof top


A new trend of development for city sports: build a stadium with zero floor space. A new product from Gaoshan Tent Company, Air dome, can cover the whole roof which improve the utilization of open space, make full use of resources, provide high-quality activity places for citizens, and become the beautiful scenery of urban buildings.


Air dome 


Characteristics of air dome on roof:

1. Light body weight: Air supporting membrane structure, whose weight can be ignored for the main body of the building;

2. No beam and no column: no support in the cover, utilization rate of space is 100%;

3. Automation: fully intelligent digital electronic control, automatic air pressure adjustment, fresh air replacement, refrigeration and heating, PM2.5 filtration and other functions;

4. Strong resistance to wind and snow load: the internal force changing flexibly according to external environment. The pressure in the air dome increases automatically to reach the internal and external balance.

Inflatable air dome 

5. Good self-cleaning property: the membrane material is aging resistant and the surface has good self-cleaning property. After years of wind and rain, it is still beautiful as new.

6. Sharing the same water and sewage system with below building: save energy and resources, achieve comprehensive and complete environmental protection.

7. Co-prosperity of air dome and surrounding building: Customers of the air dome can complement the customers in the mall, increase the client flow of the mall, and promote the co-prosperity of the surrounding main building and air dome.


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