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David, a Trehut, took his things in two duffel bags when he stopped on Wednesday to talk about his homelessness. 

The remarks made by city officials about the homeless caused an uproar. 
"Star of Pollister" / Joseph c Ghazal (Joseph C. GarzaAll). 

For the past two weeks, he has been living with other homeless people in makeshift shelters and tents along the Wabash River south of Cherry Street. 

He lost his job and his house, and he didn't think he deserved the help of any organization. 

David says the last thing he wants is to be rounded up by city leaders and housed in camps with other homeless people because they fear camping and trespassing on private property. 

Last week, the city council took advice from Norm Lauderk, assistant director of the fire department, to designate a specific area for the homeless to set up tents. 

In recent weeks, fire departments have responded to calls from a growing number of homeless people to illegally burn homes, Lauderk said. 

He said the problem was particularly evident in the forest area along the national highway heritage trail, the railway track and the Dreiser and Dreiser bridge in front of the Wabash River. 

On her wedding day, Jessica Albert made her debut in a Tyrannosaurus rex costume, taking her groom Mark Gassi by surprise. There are many ways to inject fun into weddings, from clothes to events to unique venues. (archival photos,: Stacey Salter Moore/JPG photos and videos). 

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mini marquee tent Promotions

Why say "I do" in church and you can say it on a roller coaster or on a four-masted ship? 

The history and culture of Pennsylvania means that there are many places to express your love, just as special as your relationship. We find that many parts of the Commonwealth attract history fans, film fans, nature lovers, thrill seekers, and so on. 

Not getting married? These venues rent space for all types of special events, so think in advance of the style of celebrating a milestone anniversary or birthday. 

A company that provides large tent-style waterproof tents for the event is for sale. 

The market value of TopKata is $690000, of which $300000 is tangible assets and $390000 is intangible assets. 

Linda Smith (Lynda Smyth), an agent at LINK Business Broking, says the high-margin business is a profitable niche and has huge opportunities for expansion. 

The company, located in Waikato, provides rental services for activities across the North Island. 

The 350-square-meter warehouse is located in Trapa, Hamilton, but business can be done anywhere on the North Island where there is a good road connection. 

Smith says when Topkata's owners come back from trips around the world to get married, they want their wedding to take place on a family farm in a large Nordic-style tent they see in Europe. 

"they have experienced the wonderful atmosphere of these creations, but not in New Zealand. 

"as a result, they set up TopKata Ltd, so that other people can set up a unique environment for their special activities." 

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Discount pagoda marquee tent

Smith says the company operates a high-end event market, and renting tents is a more interesting option than regular tents. 

Tents can be linked together for large events. 

Smyth says its owners have seen steady growth in their business, scope and profitability since they started operating in 2013. 

"over the past few years, TopKata has consolidated its position as a market leader in the industry." 

The Welsh Green Wedding is a family business on a small organic farm in Camasson County. 

They say they offer personalized, sustainable and relaxed weddings that can hold between 2 and 125 people. 

Outdoor weddings are an option in their licensed pagodas and receive 50 or more guests in their local manufacture of huge tipi. 

They welcome ritual-only small events, day weddings, renewal of vows, and large weekend celebrations, which can accommodate more than 50 guests. 

A complete bar of organic wine and sparkling wine, local Welsh beer and apple juice, locally grown and sourced food, tree planting rituals and our own carriage transport bride and groom. 

A beautiful garden will be a feature of your wedding, but if the weather is not very good, your wedding will be covered up. 

The iconic windmill building on the canal platform, originally built in Gloucester in 1730, will be the site of the ceremony. 

It can accommodate up to 60 guests who are free to talk on the lawn before and after the wedding. 

Their exclusive products provide an elite choice for all types of activities. "each tent can comfortably accommodate 80 guests, but it can also be connected to accommodate 500 people, creating a completely unique space and atmosphere."

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