Physical education culture


The national fitness has become a hot trend, and the relative lack of and lack of utilization of sports stadiums in China is still a bottleneck that restricts the further expansion of sports and sports consumption.

At present, many civil fitness activities suffer from problems such as funds, venues, and construction cycles. The alpine sports tents have emerged as the times require, providing sports fans and sports investors with more choices.

Time saving: simple approval, fast construction

The alpine tent is a prefabricated mobile building. At present, there is no need for the complicated approval of the traditional steel structure and the reinforced concrete structure closed factory. The procedure is simple and quick; the tent is modularized and is made up of high-strength aluminum alloy and tarpaulin.

Save money: low construction costs, scale up at will

Because there is no need for ground treatment, no complicated approval process, and high-strength materials. The cost of using the tent as a stadium is only one-sixth of that of a fixed stadium. The maintenance cost is only one tenth of the fixed venue.

Labor saving: large space and wide application

In terms of volume, our tents can reach a height of 10m with a height of 70m and extend infinitely at intervals of 3m or 5m. At the same time, the pillarless structure inside the tent greatly expands the interior space of the stadium and exerts unlimited creativity for its use.

The new model of opening mobile stadiums in China has become a future trend. With the rise of the national fitness boom, the high-altitude sports tents will contribute to the sports industry by providing flexible, efficient and green sports venues. Development and construction of sports culture.

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