What is Air Dome ?Series of articles—— Two


As a representative of lightweight construction - air dome, with reasonable design, clever design, has gradually become a new type of architectural form that is popular in all major fields. In the last article, we shared some knowledge about the air dome. In this article, We Gaoshan will continue updating and lead everyone into the air dome:

Low energy consumption air dome 

Q1: Is the construction of air dome constantly being inflated, how much is the daily running cost?

A1: What we need is to maintain a constant differential pressureso usually we advocate that the inflating motor should not be starting and pausing repeatedly, otherwise the energy consumption will be higher and the service life of the motor will also be affected.

We usually use frequency conversion design to meet different motor frequencies for different pressure requirements, which can achieve energy saving. It has been proved by practice that the venue with an area of 5,000 square meters basically runs 70°electricity/day. According to the calculation of 1 yuan/kWh, the daily electricity cost is 70 yuan (USD 10).


Q2: Can we move the air dome?

A2:It can be moved. There are two kinds of air dome, one with fixed concrete foundation, the other with the steel anchoring brazing + stone weight fixed instead of concrete foundation. By the second kind, relocation becomes feasible and convenient. When the project has been finished, It can be relocated to another location for reinstallation and all materials can be used 100%.

Removable air dome

Q3:Does the air dome have the effect of keeping warm?

A3:The insulation performance of the single-layer membrane material is almost equivalent to that of laminated glass. The insulation coefficient of the double-layer membrane is 45% higher than that of the single layer. We also install insulation cotton between the two layers of membrane, so the insulation effect is the same as that of the traditional civil construction.


Q4:What is the service life of the air dome?

A4:The membrane material is a kind of material composed of a fabric substrate (polyester filament) and a multi-layer coating. The surface is specially treated, and the tensile strength is equivalent to the tensile strength of the steel sheet with same thickness. Conservatively speaking, it can be used for 20 years around in general.


Q5:How long is the producing and constructing time of the air dome?

A5:All membranes and parts can be processed and manufactured by our own. Generally it can take only 20-40 days including design, installation and manufacturing to help companies quickly provide space solutions.


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