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  • Huge marquee tent for art exhibition

    Huge marquee tent for art exhibition

    The exhibition industry is a booming industry affected by economies of scale, but now the fixed exhibition hall can not meet the needs of many exhibitors. To solve this problem, exhibition tent is the best choice. For this purpose, the major contractors and exhibitors are ready show their style with the perfect tent. Now let's take a look at how can Gaoshan Tent give you a different exhibition. The most interesting thing is that, you can change the same tent into different sizes because the mudular design and rafter design. Take a 21m x 40m tent as example, you can change it into a 15m x 30m tent. Besides, if you need different fuction zones in another tent, pagoda tent is also a clever choice.

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  • Pagoda Tent For Exhibition

    Pagoda Tent For Exhibition

    PAGODA TENT / PAGODA MARQUEE / HIGH PEAK MARQUEE TENT Pagoda tent is an ideal choice for any event applications. Pagoda tent can be used as separated unit alone or connected with the big marquee tent for some unique function. FEATURES: 1) Pagoda tent can be linked together to create multiple configurations. 2) Pagoda marquee has a prominent advertising place on top of front side. 3) Pagoda marquee is easy to set up and pull down, good looking as a standard booth and sports spectators stand.

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