pop up tent

  • Warehouse Pagoda Tent

    Warehouse Pagoda Tent

    Advantage: 1) Timeliness: The warehouse pagoda tent can store temporarily sold products, so there is no need to worry about the products being left without a place. 2) Wide range of applications: warehouse pagoda tents can be used not only as warehouses, but also for small conference activities. 3) 100% space utilization: The warehouse pagoda tent has a large space, and multiple tents can be used side by side to maximize the space utilization. 4) The construction speed is fast and very convenient: the warehouse pagoda tent has a small structure and is very convenient to install. Two people can easily build it, which is the best choice for temporary warehouses.

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  • Printing Top Roof Pagoda tent

    Printing Top Roof Pagoda tent

    Advantage 1) Realize customized tents: Printing Pagoda tent can better meet customer needs and can be customized according to customers' intentions. 2) Show company culture: Printing pagoda tent can print company logo, let more customers know you and remember you. 3) Maximize promotional activities: Printing pagoda tents can attract more tourists to visit. If you hold an event and print graffiti on the top of the pagoda tent, it will be very unique.

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  • Corporate Events Pagoda Tent

    Corporate Events Pagoda Tent

    Advantage: 1)Custom logo: For the newly purchased color printers in the factory, we can customize your exclusive patterns according to the requirements of customers, and the price is cheap. If the tent is purchased in large quantities, we can print it for free. 2)Full set of accessories: ABS hardwall, Glass wall, Glass door, Sliding door, Shutter doors, Floor, Cloth Curtain, Air conditional, Light,Rain Gutter, Carpet, 3)Weather factor: Temperature range -30℃— +70℃,Max Wind Speed Allowance 120km/h, Max snow loading 10cm-20cm Thickness.

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  • Small Advertising Pop Up Tent

    Small Advertising Pop Up Tent

    Advantage: 1) Small size: Pop up marquee tent has a small size, can local in a small ground. 2) Easy to install: The frames of pop tent are very easy to install and disassembly. 3) Anti-corrosion: The aluminum alloy frame is not easy to be oxydic, and the steel parts with hot dip galvanization is anti-corrosion. 4) High recycling value: Simple maintenance of advertising tent and high recycling value. With the professional designers, we can design the tent for you to meet the requirements. Advertising tent can be printed on all kinds of logo, can also be printed on any text you need.

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