The difference between aluminum tent and iron tent


With the rapid economic development, both aluminum alloy tents and iron tents are very common. Many people think that the two are the same object. It is difficult to distinguish the difference. So is it the same thing? How to choose?

First of all, there are various shapes of iron tents, such as pointed, long, square, round, odd-shaped, etc., while the conventional shapes of aluminum alloy tents are herringbone, pointed, spherical, peach-shaped, and arched. , Double-layer, and even profiled.

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In terms of scale, they have a big difference. Iron tents are generally small, with a fixed area, and each specification has a fixed size, basically no more than 50 square meters, which is more suitable for travel and outdoor camping and convenient to carry; while the aluminum alloy tent is a unitary combined structure with a span It can range from 3-50 meters, the length is a multiple of 3 or 5, and it can be extended at will. A variety of specific shapes can meet the needs of different customers. And its fixing method is also different from the iron tent, it can be applied to sand, concrete, lawn and ground that cannot be destroyed.

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The iron tent is relatively simple. It is mainly a space for shelter from wind and sun. The cost is small and the purpose is relatively simple.

The interior of the aluminum alloy tent can be equipped with many supporting facilities, such as ceiling curtains, ABS hard walls, glass walls, glass doors, air conditioners, wooden floors, carpets, stage lighting and sound and other facilities. The company can also customize tents of different sizes according to the actual needs of customers, with high flexibility and cost savings compared to general solid-state buildings.

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