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Large-Scale Sports Dome

Revolutionary Air Dome Technology

Discover the pinnacle of modern athletic facilities with GAOSHAN Tents’ Air Dome Sports Halls. These structures are not just buildings; they are revolutionary spaces created using advanced air-bearing technology. Composed of high-quality membrane materials and meticulously designed units, our air domes maximize internal space utilization, offering a full 100% usage rate without the constraints of traditional building supports.

Optimal Use of Space

The unique design of our air domes ensures that every inch of space is available for use, making it an ideal venue for sports and large-scale events. This feature is particularly beneficial for athletic activities where open, unobstructed space is crucial for both safety and functionality.

Versatile Applications

The Air Membrane Sports Hall represents the most widely used application of air dome technology. Designed to accommodate a range of sports, these halls are particularly popular among football enthusiasts who need reliable, year-round facilities. The versatile nature of these domes also makes them suitable for events, exhibitions, and community gatherings, showcasing their multifunctional capabilities.

Seasonal Adaptability

Equipped with sophisticated heat preservation treatments, our air domes are built to handle the challenges of seasonal changes. This insulation not only maintains a comfortable temperature inside the dome during colder months but also ensures that activities like football can continue in winter, making the sports hall a favorite among athletes and fans alike.

Energy Efficiency

GAOSHAN’s air domes are engineered to be energy-efficient, leveraging the insulating properties of the membrane materials to reduce heating and cooling costs. This design not only enhances the comfort of athletes and spectators but also contributes to a smaller environmental footprint.


GAOSHAN Tents’ Air Dome Sports Halls are at the forefront of architectural and environmental innovation. They provide a sustainable, versatile, and fully functional solution for sports facilities, adapting seamlessly to your needs and ensuring that your athletic programs can thrive in any season. To learn more about our air domes and how they can transform your sports and event hosting capabilities, visit us at GAOSHAN Tents.

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Large-Scale Sports DomeAir dome structures


At GAOSHAN Tents, we specialize in the design and construction of innovative air-supported structures for large-scale public sports facilities. Our cutting-edge air domes are crafted to meet the diverse needs of community sports programs, offering a versatile, all-weather solution that encourages active lifestyles in communities worldwide.

Large-Scale Sports Dome

Our Large-Scale Sports Dome provides ample space for a variety of sports and community events, making it an ideal choice for municipalities looking to enhance their public sports offerings. Designed to accommodate large crowds and multiple sports configurations, this dome sets the standard for modern, multi-functional sports facilities.

Public Sports Air Dome

The GAOSHAN Public Sports Air Dome is tailored for public use, offering an accessible and safe environment for an array of activities, from soccer and basketball to concerts and community gatherings. This facility is designed to be a central hub for community engagement and sporting events.

Inflatable Sports Complex

Our Inflatable Sports Complex represents the pinnacle of portable sports facility design. Easy to erect and dismantle, this complex provides flexibility for cities and towns to host sporting events in various locations, adapting to the needs and schedules of the community without the need for permanent construction.

Air Supported Stadium

GAOSHAN's Air Supported Stadium is a beacon of architectural innovation and functionality. It is capable of withstanding diverse weather conditions, ensuring that sports events and practices can continue year-round, regardless of the climate.

Community Sports Bubble

The Community Sports Bubble by GAOSHAN Tents is perfect for communities aiming to provide year-round sports programs. This air-supported structure is climate-controlled, offering a comfortable and controlled environment for all types of sports and recreational activities.

Multi-Sport Air Structure

Flexibility is at the core of our Multi-Sport Air Structure. This dome can be quickly configured to support a variety of sports, making it a cost-effective solution for communities that require a versatile facility capable of hosting multiple sporting events throughout the year.

All-Weather Sports Facility

Designed to operate under any weather conditions, the GAOSHAN All-Weather Sports Facility ensures that your sports programs never have to pause. Rain, snow, or shine, our domes provide a dependable space for athletes and spectators alike.

Climate-Controlled Sports Arena

Our Climate-Controlled Sports Arena offers an optimal playing environment with regulated temperature and humidity levels. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the sports played and the comfort of the players and fans, regardless of external weather conditions.


Choose GAOSHAN Tents for your next public sports facility project. Our air-supported structures are not just buildings; they are community investments that promote health, wellness, and sportsmanship. With GAOSHAN Tents, you invest in a sustainable, versatile, and durable sports facility that will serve your community for years to come. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you build the future of public sports: GAOSHAN Tents.

Product Specification

Main Membrane


Membrane Weight1050g/㎡ 5000N  1150g/㎡ 6000N  1350g/㎡ 7000N

Wind Load


Snow Load

10cm Thick Floating Snow

Temperature Index

-30 Degree Celsius to +70 Degree Celsius

Life Time



SGS,ISO 9001:2015,IAF.NAC

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Air Dome Sports


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Large-Scale Sports Dome      Air dome structures

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Air Dome Sports


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Large-Scale Sports Dome

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Air dome structures

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Air Dome Sports

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