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Tent For Exhibition


Fire Safety

Our Exhibition Tents and Big Event Tents for Sale are designed with fire safety as a paramount feature. Crafted from materials that are flame-retardant, they meet the highest safety standards. This ensures peace of mind for organizers and attendees alike, making our 60 x 100 Frame Tents and 40 x 100 Frame Tents not only vast in space but also secure.

Sturdy Construction

The structural integrity of our tents, including the Tent for Exhibition and Big Event Tents, is unmatched. They are constructed with high-strength aluminum and steel components, ensuring stability and resilience. Whether it's a 40 x 100 Frame Tent or a 60 x 100 Frame Tent, each is built to withstand varied environmental conditions, assuring your event’s continuity.

Aesthetic Design

Our tents feature an aesthetically pleasing design that enhances the visual appeal of your event. The sleek and modern look of our Exhibition Tents and Frame Tents complements any event theme, from corporate functions to lavish weddings, making a lasting impression on all who attend.


GAOSHAN’s Exhibition Tents offer significant cost advantages. With competitive pricing and the high recyclability of materials, our 40 x 100 Frame Tent and 60 x 100 Frame Tent provide a high-value proposition, ensuring your investment is not only economical but also environmentally conscious.

Quick and Easy Assembly

The Exhibition Tent and Big Event Tents can be erected quickly. Our 20 x 40 Party Tents and 40x60 Party Tents are designed for swift installation, with a 5000 square meter area capable of being assembled in just three days. This efficiency saves valuable time in the fast-paced world of exhibitions and events.

Comfortable Environment

To ensure the comfort of your guests, our tents can be equipped with air conditioning, ventilation, and exhaust systems. This creates a pleasant atmosphere inside the 60 x 100 Frame Tent or any Exhibition Tent, no matter the weather outside, making for an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

High Recycling Value

GAOSHAN tents are crafted for longevity. The Exhibition Tent and Big Event Tents are designed for repeated use, with a 100% material utilization rate. The 40 x 100 Frame Tent and 60 x 100 Frame Tent are not single-use structures; they are long-term assets for your exhibition needs.

  • Gaoshan Tent Manufacture
  • Shenyang
  • 25 days
  • 100,000㎡/month
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Exhibition tent

Product Description

The exhibition tent and large outdoor activity tent can be used for various outdoor exhibitions, making the exhibition more attractive. Flexible unit type combination structure; elegant white tarpaulin; fast and convenient construction of venues to support creative and imaginative space.

Exhibition Tent

Step into the world of professional showcasing with our Exhibition Tents. At GAOSHAN Tent Company, we understand the importance of a reliable and striking exhibition space. Our exhibition tents are the epitome of structural elegance and versatility, designed to adapt to any trade show or commercial exhibit. The tent for exhibition is not just a structure but a statement of professionalism and quality that you bring to your audience.

Big Event Tents for Sale

Catering to grand-scale events, our Big Event Tents for Sale offer unparalleled spaciousness and robust design. Perfect for festivals, fairs, or large corporate functions, these tents serve as the ideal venue. Each big event tent is crafted to provide ample space, allowing for a free flow of guests and the flexibility to host a variety of activities and booths.

Tent for Exhibition

Specifically designed with trade shows in mind, our Tent for Exhibition models are customizable to your specific needs. These tents ensure that each exhibitor can create an engaging and inviting space. With the exhibition tent, you can expect high ceilings for an airy feel, exceptional durability, and a professional look that stands out.

60 x 100 Frame Tent

For those requiring a vast expanse under one roof, the 60 x 100 Frame Tent is an exceptional choice. This colossal structure can accommodate the most significant events with ease. Whether it's for a large exhibition, a corporate event, or a massive gathering, the 60 x 100 frame tent promises not just space, but the flexibility to create an immersive environment.

40 x 100 Frame Tent

Our 40 x 100 Frame Tent combines extensive space with an intimate setting, perfect for sizable yet private functions. This tent is an ideal choice for weddings, galas, and corporate events where you want to impress and comfort your guests simultaneously. The 40 x 100 frame tent stands as a beacon of sophistication and elegance, making it a premier choice for discerning hosts.

Product Specification

Main Frame 

Size: 300mm*120mm*5.2mm,350mm*120mm*5.2mm

Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6& 6082-T6

Cover material 

Density: 650g/sqm, 750g/sqm, 850g/sqm  

Material: Both sides lacquered PVC coated fabric

Features: UV Resistant, Waterproof, Fire RetardantB1


PVC Wall, Glass Wall, ABS Wall, Sandwich Wall

Wind Load

80km/h - 120km/h

Snow Load

10cm Thick Floating Snow  


-30 Degree Celsius to  +70 Degree Celsius

Life Time

Aluminum frame more than 15 Years.PVC fabric 5-10 years


SGS,ISO 9001:2015,IAF.NAC


The trade show and exhibition activities are very time-efficient. The trade show marquee tent for 20m x 100m usually need 5-10 days to set up. The tent can be flexibly disassembled and assembled. Moreover, the largest span of the tent can reach 70m. Marquee tent for trade show exhibition's length is not limited, which is very suitable for large-scale exhibition.Marquee tent creates an extremely spacious space due to clear span design. A shape tent can be further enhanced by combining one or more product from accessory options.

3D Drawings

big event tents for sale


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tent for exhibition         Exhibition tent

Company Introduction

big event tents for sale


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tent for exhibition

Package and Delivery

Exhibition tent

1. Aluminum Ally frame packed in Bubble paper

2. Hardware/accessories packed in solid carton box;

3. Roof and sidewall in professional PVC carry bag;

4. Customized packing

Exhibitions Show

big event tents for sale

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