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  • Outdoor events wedding party marquee tent

    Outdoor events wedding party marquee tent

    There is a romantic wedding in everyone's heart. Some people yearn for the seaside, some yearn for the grassland, some like the wild, and some like the garden and hotel. Gaoshan tent company can provide all kinds of places, all kinds of conditions for the weddings, it can set up and decorate it according to your needs, and it will really bring you a romantic wedding. ADVANTAGE: 1.Many styles of decoration: glass door wall, ABS hard wall and transparent window tarpaulin can be used around. Curtains and top curtains can be used inside with various colors. 2.Low requirements for the site: Low requirements for the site and strong adaptability. 3.The size of the tent is flexible and can meet any size: Gaoshan tent factory can provide a 3m-70m span marquee tent for weddings.

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  • Wedding Party Pagoda Tent

    Wedding Party Pagoda Tent

    Advantage: 1)Easy transportation: The pagoda tent is generally less than 6 meters in length, and the aluminum alloy itself is much lighter than steel, so it is easy to rent and transport. 2)Custom logo: For the newly purchased color printers in the factory, we can customize your exclusive patterns according to the requirements of customers, and the price is cheap. If the tent is purchased in large quantities, we can print it for free. 3)Full set of accessories: ABS hardwall, Glass wall, Glass door, Sliding door, Shutter doors, Floor, Cloth Curtain, Air conditional, Light,Rain Gutter, Carpet.

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