Environmental tents used after five years


The traditional steel structure and reinforced concrete structure of the factory building require a special foundation treatment process, and require special approval of government, higher investment, limited construction conditions and other severe conditions. Therefore, mobile environmental protection tents with aluminum alloy as the main structure have huge advantages.

 marquee tent

Lately, Gaoshan made follow-up visits to environmental protection projects in previous years. Let's take a look at what our tents that have been used for more than 5 years look like:

The local climatic conditions are poor, and this environmental friendly coal tent has successfully withstood the effects of severe weather such as rain and snow. The open air coal yard is completely covered, which remains intact after many years.

 aluminum alloy tent

Shortly after the tent was installed, the local environmental protection department conducted an unannounced inspection, and the company met the requirements of environmental protection standards.

Tents are detachable and mobile buildings that do not require complicated foundation treatment. Therefore, the tedious approval of traditional closed factories is not required at present. Even if there should approvals in some areas, simple procedures can be implemented, which can be completed quickly and easily meet environmental protection requirements.

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